"i just be thinking"

Andrés faded. Regy relaxed. Mila hydrated. We are healthy. We are alive. We're ready to take on life's bullshit. That's our energy this week. Trust in the people, not institutions.

Quantum Entanglement

Following up from last week's Smith drama, Jada and Will finally took a seat at the red table. The conversation was very...interesting. We got a look into the dynamics of their relationship, including confirmation that they've been unhappy together for a minute. More importantly, Jada admitted to being in a situationship with August, or in her words, an "entanglement." Yeah.. we're just as confused as Will on this one. In usual internet fashion, "entanglement" was swiftly added to the Black Twitter lexicon.

Just to be clear, what Jada did is nothing new, men BEEN doing this. Future is at home thrilled to finally have his female accomplice in the game.

While future teaching, Jada is healing.

Willard Smith is up to something too.

And although Will reprised his pursuit of happiness look at the red table, he learned quite a few things from his Hitch days 👀

So bottom line, while we fully encourage thot behavior, please reconsider the different entanglements in your life and prioritize the ones that matter!

Gonna Finna

Everyone here at Subtweet is thankful to be Black. Within this thriving community is a shared language and a shared culture.

It is impossible to share the cultural references circulating in our community at any given time, but our vocabulary always finds a way into the mainstream conscience. The way we talk, or AAVE (African American Vernacular Expression), is rooted in the black experience, so it doesn't sit well on our spirit when we see non-Blacks using it as a trend.

When people outside of the black community use black vocabulary in their tweets or replies it's an obvious misstep. We wanted to call this out and highlight an account that was compiling non-black usage of AAVE but then some drama happened. Halfway through writing about this topic, the AAVE Struggle Tweets (@aavegonewrong) account started tweeting Hamilton content. We're upset because this account barely got these tweets off before stan twitter presumably purchased it. The first few tweets the account posted were hitting:

Now wait just a damn minute.. How did this go from AAVE gone wrong to full-blown Hamilton propaganda?

It's giving @emoblackthot teas. For context, the emoblackthot account turned out to be a huge scandal. This account seemed to be a safe space for black women and non-binary folks to share their experiences and skincare routines, it was later revealed that the account that gained our trust was either sold to or operated by a black man the entire time. We too were hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and led astray.

We can't keep having these emoblackthot moments. Not this cosplay again.

Karen on the loose

The Karen that we're talking about today is the one throwing a fit over wearing a mask during a pandemic. This apparently has led Karen to the brink. She's often seen reacting by throwing sketchersairing her racist frustrations toward non-white americans, or calling the police on lawful black citizens. Someone, somewhere, is being attacked by a Karen right now.

Something triggering happens every time Karen sets foot in public, so San Francisco wrote legislation to criminalize her behavior. They made it petty by naming this legislation, the CAREN Act (lmao). If passed into law, this act would make it illegal to make discriminatory, racially charged 911 calls in SF.

There are several stories of this kind of racial profiling and it's wasting everybody's time. Calling emergency services on law abiding black citizens in this climate??? Read the room, Karen. Hopefully, we'll see similar efforts across the country because BBQ Becky, Permit Patty, Golfcart Gayle and Karen got to go.

Males aren't exempt either.

If you're reading this and your name is Karen, please talk to your fellow Karens. Educate your community and spread awareness. Do your part!

Annie are you OK?

Lighting throughout entertainment has always been catered to the whites. Finding that right light to accentuate black skin has always been an afterthought and is the reason why photoshoots like this still happen:

It is the year 2020 and there are STILL many photographers who lack expertise in this space. Black actors, artists, and athletes are tired of looking busted on various magazine covers and promo material. Even Annie Leibovitz, one of Hollywood's most renowned celebrity photographers, can't seem to get it right. How can you call yourself a professional photographer while unable to shoot 13% of the American population?? At her big age and with her huge portfolio, we expect more. Miss Annie did our cousin Simone Biles a disservice. Our verdict... JAIL.

Can someone send miss Annie some references for how to properly light Black skin? Send her Ruth Ossai and Christina Ebenezer's numbers, they're both incredible photographers. Just look at what they did for our good sis Michaela Coel, writer, director, producer, and star of the HBO show I May Destroy you.

They did what needed to be done.

We want justice for Simone. And that's that on that.

Cake'd Up Fr Fr

Baking is now fine art and the artists are serving hyperrealism. Literally anything can be a cake in disguise at this point including your fleshlight, them raggedy ass yeezy crocs, or even your dog. This uncertainty has gripped the timeline in fear as we all struggle with the idea of possibly eating out the homies to make sure they aren't cakes.

We as a society need to shift our focus back to the right type of cake. Eat responsibly!

We just started this newsletter, but we're already thinking about how we can support ourselves and our fellow black creators. Starting out, we'll send some coins to the creator behind the title tweet. Eventually, we'd like to be able to share the funds with more of the folks we feature. Help us redistribute the wealth!

Our Cash App: $subtwt

Also, we have official Twitter and Instagram pages for Subtweet now. We're on the come up.

Stay safe and thanks for reading - AndrésMila, and Regynald.