"Remove police from society... call it pulled pork"

We're on cloud 9 this week and honestly feel great. Andrés just copped a new car. That boy finna be whippin' in that mid-size crossover 😤. Regy solidified his content creation skills in a tech twitter take over through the use of fancams. Read more about that here, but it is what it is. We also have a new editor/contributor, Mila!

These past few weeks have been tiring so don't forget to take that vacation y'all. We need it too.

Bro what???

Shane Dawson is a noted problematic Youtuber that made a half-assed, lazy apology this week. If you want to see it or read more about it, peep this article from Teen Vogue. Fuck this guy. Tbh, we never really paid attention to this dude and we don't want to advertise him or his platform. But yet again, his name is popping up on the timeline for some weird shit so let's discuss.

TW: Pedophilia

Several of Shane Dawson's problematic videos have been resurfaced during this event, one of which was a video of Shane "jokingly" masturbating to a then 11-year old Willow Smith. Important to call out that this video came out in 2010 when he was well over 21 years old.

Enter: The Smith family

Miss Jada is keeping it mindful but we would not be mad if Jaden pulled up on Shane in his Model X.

There is clearly nothing Shane can do to make amends for this or any of his previous actions. This whole genre of Youtuber "apology" videos, including Jenna Marbles' most recent video, had us thinking about the idea of coming back from being canceled.

But what makes an apology sincere? Sometimes apologies sans action aren't good enough. We all feel a type of way when we see celebs bust out the notes app. At this point, people have apology fatigue.

*Carrie Bradshaw voice*

As those at fault hope to see their perfect redemption story play out, we begin to wonder, are reputations ever truly repaired in the social media era?

I know a spot

We've all been in situations where we have to quickly decide on a location to act out mutual horniness. Sometimes you get to the location and realize no is what you should've said in the first place. The timeline erupted this week with a collective take on going to a spot where you had no business being.

There go Chris pushing the meme forward.

Take me with you

Last week we put y'all onto don't leave me. Well, the joke has evolved and we are here to present our new findings.

Out of pocket

Hey, so the timeline was kind of dry this week. So to satiate that thirst for content here are some assorted tweets.

Beware before entering into the replies on this one.

Unrelated.. Happy belated birthday, aunty Solo!

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