"can't believe it has come to this"

What's going on. We're back. Mila felt moved by the holy spirit and recently settled into a new place. Growth! Regy's in a new spot too. He's off that casper queen and upgraded to a lil' European king! Andrés is in the same spot but finessed that rent reduction #welovetoseeit.

Also, we all have skates now. So prepare for some aesthetic & soothing skate videos.

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Ellen Degenerate

Ellen is falling off after a string of allegations of rampant sexual misconduct, discrimination, and racism in her workplace organization. She's no longer the assumed nicest person in Hollywood and has been exposed for what she truly is.

Friends from her alma mater, Clown University, have started speaking out on her behalf in incredibly tone deaf performances to save her image, which honestly make her look all the more guilty.

Of course, the timeline caught wind of the drama and went to work.

Quick, go sign this petition to have Eric Andre completely take over as the new Ellen cuz he looking to tap tap tap IN.


Tiffany Haddish would definitely be a better choice for a talk show host. Period.

We're further convinced that NOW is the time to eat the rich.

🎶There's some whores in this house🎶

If ya girl ain't running around the house right now yelling WAP then something ain't right. WAP, Wet Ass Pussy (or Bussy for the fellas), the new single by Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion, debuted a mere few days ago and it ate all the girls up. It's been a moment since we've had a real hoe anthem, and the girls just aren't doing it like they used to. Fortunately, Khia's single My Neck My Back has been holding us down for years. The WAP single and visuals were nowhere and then everywhere. Cardi B tweeted that she was going to drop the video and looks were served shortly after.

A female collab that makes the girls feel liberated? That’s history right there, you understand?

It didn't take settle down and start a family twitter long to realize they've never had a WAP, and that WAPs everywhere are destroying families.

When ya'll going to learn fr.

But why did Kameo Kylie have to Kontaminate The WAP video like that.

We all thought Kylie should have kept her Kolonizing Kameo.

And that's on change dot org.

Cut the cameras. Deadass.

Not Kidz Bop trying to turn WAP into Wild And Peaceful.

Not the Bayang

Here we have the memeification of another black creator. This time it's itsjustnyissa's roast turned internet phenomenon, where she reacts to a foolish attempt at creating bangs.

As many memes that originate from Black communities do, this is just AAVE seeping into mainstream western pop culture.

Zack Fox always has solutions for his people.

The way Parkwood will be sending you a cease and desist.

Lil Yachty is fresh out of his hot comb and shea butter bag.

Stay safe and thanks for reading - AndrésMila, and Regynald.

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